2 Email Metrics You Should Be Tracking

December 3, 2020

You’ve prepared the perfect email, composed a catchy headline and added images that you thought were meaningfull.

But the results are not what you expected and your email metrics tell a different story. 

Slicing and dicing email metrics guide us in our efforts to know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.

To help us focus on the most important ones, Dan Oshinsky founder of Inbox Collective and former Director for newsletters at The New Yorker shared the six email metrics he believes are the most important in a Revue blog post.

Here are the two we recommend you start with paying attention to.

List growth, or lack thereof: how many new subscribers do you get every month? Is this growing each month? Has it leveled off or dropped in recent months? Tracking that is utterly important and understanding why is even more important because if you are unable to bring every month the same volume of fresh newcomers, the results will decline over time.

Engagement rate: Most common engagement rate is calculated by looking at the open rate and the click-through rate. Another way to look at engagement is to calculate the percentage of readers who open 50 percent of your emails…which is a smart way to assess the engagement of subscribers to newsletters ! For each industry there are “best practice” percentages to target. That could be an objective to reach. You can also define your objective from a ROI perspective. Whatever objective you choose, be sure to track that each month to see if you are improving, staying steady or losing readers.

For more great email metrics information, read Oshinsky’s original blog post, “Six Email Metrics That Matter (That Aren’t Open Rate).”