5 Things Not to Include in Your Next Newsletter

December 3, 2020

Newsletter marketing is a great marketing tool subscription companies use to onboard customers, keep them updated on new products and features, and provide upsell opportunities.

Not everybody is using it right though. So to be sure you are making the most of your newsletters, check Brittany Leaning Hubspot blog “10 Things to Nix in Your Next Email Newsletter.” To water your mouth, here are five things to avoid!

  1. Multiple audiences. Number 2 reason why users unsubscribe to a newseller is content irrelevance. Segmenting your email list can actually make or break the success of your email newsletter.
  2. Multiple goals. Before you send your newsletter, remember to ask yourself, “what is the overarching goal here?” and check if the newsletter address that goal. It’s okay to have secondary calls-to-action such as social sharing buttons but stick to that very goal you have picked.
  3. Boring, generic subject lines. Subject lines need to be engaging, interesting and unique to entice a reader to open it
  4. Multiple topics and calls to action. Some newsletters have so much going on in them that it can be overwhelming. Keep your newsletters simple !
  5. Being too wordy. Hit a key topic with a call to action, and call it good. Otherwise, you may alienate your readers, and push them to unsubscribe.