Five Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Sign Up Page

December 3, 2020

Driving traffic to your sign up landing page or your website is an ongoing process no company can get away with.

There are countless way to do that and long standing companies can focus on the most efficient paid channels (cost per order vs life time value) or on inbound marketing to leverage their member base and their brand.

Brand new companies and Start-ups obviously rely nore on paid media channels but social media should quickly be part of the game.

On, Adam Rogers presents best practices a very practical 101 article. Among these best practices, I suggest you start with the following five : 

  1. Run paid social media campaign on the platform that best suit your brand (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Ads, etc.). Test audiences, ads and copy relentlessly to achieve a sustainable CPA. 
  2. Engage with high potential prospective customers and followers on Twitter. Comment on their posts, retweet their content and actively follow others to grow your base leveraging their audience
  3. Offer targeted and time limited promotional deals
  4. Write blog posts that explain how your products or services help your members level up their life and share those posts on social platform.
  5. Take advantage of the popularity of videos to peak the interest of your potential members and make them visit your website to learn more.

Want to learn more and find out which tools are best for your business? Read the full article by Adam Rogers on