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Refresh the new member acquisition strategy – Large B2C Media Group

The Mission
Acquire new leads and increase conversions to soar subscriptions for 3 publications and 1 online service
Manage the different audience acquisition channels (Facebook, Adwords, Organic, Programmatic Ads, Emailing) and define the different campaign to provide the best possible outcomes (cost per new member, cost per active user, cost per new lead, member to lead conversion rate, …)
Overlook the results and assist the Acquisition team to optimize the KPIs in the long run

The Challenges
Target more specific audiences to increase the volume of conversions with the same volume of audience
Identify new profitable cluster of audiences to boost the volume of new conversions
Optimize the Conversion Rate
Reduce Cost Per Order to optimize media spent
Design proper dashboards to collect relevant data and make knowledge based decisions

The Line of Action
Creating an engaging, user-centric  and user-friendly accessible conversion funnel
Selecting new relevant keywords to broaden the reach of the ads without worsening the quality of the audience brought by then
Building different custom audiences based on active/passive subscribers, engaged/non engaged audience, hot/cold leads
Designing specific campaigns to target different cluster of audiences
Revisiting the bidding strategy

The Pay Off
The Conversion Rate increased by 19%
The Audience soared by 135%
The Number of subscribers rose by 37%
The Cost Per Order was halved
Integrating a new marketing automation platform – Online tutoring service

The Mission
Be able to onboard new members with custom-designed campaigns
Engage a dialog with the members based on their usage of the service
Integrate third party systems to reduce the hassle of data management
Reduce overall cost of Marketing Automation Campaign
Shortlist the 5 Marketing Automation Platform that meet the requirements and set up a POC with the 2 best-in-class

The Challenges
Identify the different sources of user data
Integrate the  different systems (Web Platform, ERP Platform, Marketing Automation Platform)  and synchronize data collection and data update through the systems API
Craft the proper consumer journeys  to make every member go up the ladder of the subscription commerce lifecycle.
Improve modularity and reusability of newsletters and trigger messages templates

The Line of Action
Gather the different competencies and build a task force dedicated to the project success.
Collaborative analysis to scope the right technologies
Organise the user data and map the data workflow to design  the proper conceptual data model.
Take care of  the new development to build the user datamart and synchronize user data
Reengineer the message templates to improve modularity and reusability and synchronise them with the Content Management System to ease and accelerate production of  campaigns

The Pay Off
Cost effective solution to a better integration of user data  and a better knowledge of member behaviour
Simpler interface and user-friendly dashboard to understand the KPIs of the Marketing Automation Strategy
High increase of the retention rate (+ 6 months)
Much more active users among the registered users (+45%)
Performance of up-sell campaigns doubled (+100%)
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