How we work

A three step methodology backed up by custom digital tools to sustain our clients growth.

Step 1 - Slice and Dice
Time Frame
Five to Thirteen weeks

Our Slice and Dice services aim to make our clients define exactly what their objectives are and how they will achieve them. Using research methods on behalf of our expertise and of our business cases, we establish the criteria for the achievement of your objectives and the path to success.
what is it?
It’s a research, analysis and consultancy phase that encompass the different aspects of the Digital Commerce Lifecycle. With respect to acquiring, on-boarding, retaining and nurturing customers, it defines what the concerns are, the goals to fulfill, the priorities, the deliverables, a time frame and a budget, and most importantly, a shared vision of the way to get there.Research covers many aspects, including analysing current workflows, acquisition strategy, on-boarding and retention program, customer care services, …
what is IN it?
We set up workshops to collect in-house data and mix these findings with the results of our research gathering tools. All of these information are organised, processed and analysed. The findings are presented over a series of reviews to help everyone make informed decisions whether we decide to start wireframing the conversion funnel or prototyping the customer account section or reviewing the customer care process or setting up an onboarding program or  reengineering the acquisition campaigns or challenging the churn rate.

This phase may include :

1 - Analytics analysis -> review and analysis of in-house data to enlighten the decision-making process
2 - User research -> workshops to collect information available for analysis
3 - Market research -> quantitative research to assess customer database et market response
4 - Visual research -> benchmarking state-of-the art companies and identifying best practises to map available options
5- User experience analysis -> pinpointing user journeys, the touch points and most engaging spots
6 - Technology scoping -> collaborative research to evaluate the technologies, the resources, the risks, …
what do you get?
The outcome from this phase is a roadmap that provides direction on the actions to undertake to achieve the objectives we agreed on.  The report document is divided into different successive steps each of them consisting of quick wins towards the overall success. These phase ends with a presentation that may stands as the start of the next phase : design and development.
Step 2 – Look and feel and deliver
Time Frame
Seven to Fifteen weeks

Our Look and Feel and Deliver services abut on the Slide & Dice services reports and twist them with our thorough knowledge of design, user experience, conversion optimisation and technology to provide smart  and innovative solutions to complex problems.
how do we make it?
We start with making the roadmap agreed on Step1 alive. Our experienced team members take the report document into development making strategic separate core areas such as design, front-end interface, workflow, user-experience and technology collaborating to make sure everyone is focused on the same objective : our client success.The goal is to rapidly deliver at you fingertips a Minimal Viable Product that can be reviewed and challenged
How do we go up the ladder ?
One of our more important principles is to build up a task force responsible for the project. This task force gather the different core competencies involved in the project. They collaboratively review progress, decisions to be taken, new issues that are foreseen with stakeholders on a weekly basis.It may be seen as to frequent but it has proven to be mandatory to maintain project focus and speed up delivery process.This Way of Working allows us to split the project in smaller parts that can be released and tested on the way rather than waiting until the end.And guess what ? That makes everybody confident the project sticks to the initial objective and the deadlines will be met.Component within this phase may encompass :1 - Information architecture -> Organisation of product’s data and customer data, workflow of data between the back-end systems and business applications2 - User interface design -> Creating an attractive, engaging and user-centric design that helps conversion rate3 - User experience design -> Improve user experience and stickiness with a smooth usability and a convenient accessibility.4 - Performance optimisation -> Make sure the performances are consistent on all devices whatever the browser and the OS.5 – Agile engineering -> An iterative approach to development that ensures the result is in line with the expectations (technical performance and cost efficiency)
what do you get?
As this phase comes to an end the structural and functional features of the product  will be in progress. All the efforts of the previous weeks will be realized into a fully working product and user testing will be the next big move.With respect to that one we strongly recommend to wait for  the product is fully completed to avoid confusion and get the best of it.
Step 3 – Brain and Muscles
Time Frame
Five to nine weeks or more if the results outperforms the expectations.

Our Brain and Muscles services is focused on providing ongoing strategic and operational support and help to ensure a smooth but mind-blowing roll-out.We are on your side and we work as partners to make your business objectives come true.
how do we do?
The success relies on the principles of a well-planned roll out phase. First, we stand by our clients to document precisely the roll out and avoid the pitfalls that frequently arise along the way.Second, we help them identify the internal and external Key Success Factors, select the Key Performance Indicators and find out market benchmark to compare us with.Third we  stimulate our clients growth by implementing marketing, sales and delivery excellence with regards to customer acquisition, customer onboarding, customer care, customer retention/upsell.
How do we do it?
We believe in collaborative work boosted with experience, benchmark and business cases.So we team up a squad in charge of the roll-out to achieve Digital Recurring Commerce Lifecycle Excellence. This squad gather the different core competencies (technology, marketing-product, sales, customer care, finance, operations,…) needed to make the ideas come to life and bring profitable results.

On a weekly basis, they collaboratively analyse the alternative options, select the best ones to implement, monitor the results, consider A/B tests to improve the performances, check if the KPIs are aligned with the budget. To add extra value and give a competitive advantage, the key insights are shared with stakeholders on a monthly basis. Semi-annual reviews help define the top priorities to consider to make the most return on investment.
what do you get?
Our Brain & Muscles Services help take advantage of the data, understand the niceties of Digital Recurring Commerce Lifecycle, where and how investments should be made and what outcome you can expect.These phase may include the following elements :-> User testing, product review and process assessment : organisation and facilitation of workshops to make sure everything is performing-> Launch and roll out plan : planning, resourcing and execution to ensure a nice and relaxed launch-> Digital inbound strategy : help attract customers through relevant and helpful content and adding value at every stage in your customer's buying journey-> Digital outbound blueprint : target strategic audiences, design bespoke messages and send them through appropriate channels to initiate a conversation feeded with marketing automation that will ladder the leads up to your customer’s buying journey -> Continuous development : a systematic iterative approach to production nurtured by ongoing user feedback to smoothen user experience and skyrocket conversion rate
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